Welcome to Red Shallot Kitchen.  

In this virtual kitchen you will find a whimsical blend of good recipes, occasional culinary techniques,  and photographic themes
Honestly this blog is Priscilla's way of keeping sane with two young food critics, a 100 pound crazy dog, two hysterical guinea pigs, and one two snakes with nervous breakdown (Let’s not forget the big baby/ husband who likes to spring dinner parties on her at the last minute!).  Add her children's hectic schedule, bake sales, birthday parties, etc into the equation, needless to say she always has interesting and fulfilling days to live by. 

When she's not in the kitchen, or busy defending her pantry from pesky rambunctious aliens, Priscilla spends the rest of her time daydreaming about magic pills that will allow her to pig out without gaining an ounce of weight. 

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  1. Priscilla How are you? i stumble on your site when i was looking for the recipe of Irish bomb cupcakes, hope all is well.. Glad to see your pic! Great website you have..good luck yah Cilla ;)